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Jun 5, 2004
sell-help conspiracy

Sell-help books are a conspiracy.  They all say the same thing.  Oh some are slightly different in wording.  Sell-help writers come up with new ways to say the same thing.  One, the Power versus Force.  Uh huh.  Wayne Dyer has a new one The Power of Intention, and is going around promoting it on public programming for right just a dollar a day for public programming, the package includes book, cds, more cds, conference that cost attendees over 3,000 buckaroonies for one week session of sell-help experiences.  It's a soda, it's a newspaper, it's a bagel - just a buck a day.  Oh you get Getting in the Gap, too.

Hey, what say I just wait a year and go to Salvation Army bargain rack pick it all up for a quarter?

Hey, what say I just keep writing in my online journals and have a ball exposing the sell-help conspiracy?

Posted at 08:18 am by citizenmom

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